What Readers say about the Compendium

"Just as the title indicates 'The Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium' is concise, but detailed. Don't let the 450+ pages fool you, this guide is very easy to navigate and not meant to be read cover-to-cover. This is the perfect desk guide for bid and proposal novices and professionals alike. Written for an International audience, the terminology isn't the same as the US Federal Government uses, but the BidMaster Framework is applicable for all bids and proposals worldwide. The Appendices are worth the price of admission providing a glossary, sample documents, checklists, and tools/links. I am APMP certified at the Professional level, and still find myself reaching for this Compendium!" (5-star Amazon Book Review)

Kristin (Baron) Dufrene, CPP APMP Fellow and former Chair of APMP International, Strategic Capture, Executive Director at CACI International Inc. (USA)

“The book covers in detail all the elements that a company needs to establish and staff a successful proposal organization.”

Dick Eassom, CF APMP Fellow, Vice President at SMA, Inc., Former CEO of APMP International, Past Chair of the APMP California Chapter, United States

“The compendium should be on the desk of every bid and proposal professional!”

Udo Keuter, Head of Combat Aircraft Training Delivery and Op. Support, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany

“For me, it is the best and most complete book about Bid Management.”

Werner Siedl, CPP APMP, former Board Member APMP DACH, Germany

“All information is easy to follow with helpful diagrams and tips with clearly labeled best practices critical for bid professionals working towards certification.”

Colleen Jolly, CPP APMP Fellow, Former CEO of APMP International, United States

"One of the best books I have ever read about Bid Management!"

Sandra Kaspar, Head of Field Marketing, Cognizant Technologies, Switzerland

"The Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium written by Christopher S. Kalin, is a recent addition to my business library. I have had it on my desk since the day it arrived and I find myself referring to its pages many times as I am compiling training material and building my proposal knowledge. I love the easy conversational style, ample graphics and the neat layout. This 460 page book is described as the "Swiss Army knife" of proposal management and it certainly lives up to being a useful guide and valuable tool. Christopher Kalin has covered everything you need to know in a user-friendly way which makes this volume a must-have if you are involved in proposal writing in any way. A nice addition to my library!"

Shirley Gwen Moss, ADMAST, South Africa

"Kälin’s reference guide has lots of hands-on examples, so tweaking our ever-evolving proposal development processes to remain competitive may be our next goal—and it should probably be yours." (Article in APMP's 'Winning the Business': Mentoring and Best Practices Go Hand in Hand, July 1st 2019)

Betsy Blakney, CPP APMP Fellow, Director of Proposal Operations Support at CACI Inc., USA

"[...] a lot of best practices. Fully relevant to prepare the APMP exam."

Book Review from Jean-Claude B., Engagement Manager, France on amazon.fr (5 stars)

"The best single-source for proposal wisdom you can find: If you can afford only one text on bids and proposals on your book shelf, make it this one. It provides in one place a guide to proposal writing, business development process, organisation, and standards. But beware! It should be a largish shelf to accommodate this book's generous proportions. Although the physical volume weighs roughly the same as an old London telephone directory, the style is light and digestible. Generous also describes the author's approach to content. He provides not only an authoritative and approachable guide to BD organisation and process implementation but you also get access to a comprehensive description of CSK's BidMaster framework and also his intuitive and powerful Storyline method. The latter is one of the best 'step-by-step' approaches to content development that I have encountered. Candidates preparing for APMP(tm) certification will find plenty of hints and tips and well signposted links to the syllabus. The book is also well larded with personal stories and anecdotes that make it both readable and enjoyable."

Book Review from David Warley, CPP APMP Fellow, on Amazon.co.uk (5 Stars)

“This compendium is totally comprehensive and strikes a more pragmatic view than Shipley. It is abundantly clear that dialogue with real APMP practitioners is the foundation for this excellent reference. It has already become a vital weapon in my armoury.”

Susan McReynolds, Bid Leader at Ultra Electronics Airport Systems, United Kingdom

“No other proposal book is as detailed and relevant.”

Colleen Jolly, CPP APMP Fellow, Former CEO of APMP International, United States

"Recommended reading! 'The Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium' by Chris Kälin, a Fellow of APMP, is a weighty volume packed with insightful, practical advice.His excellent new book is a worthwhile reference work for anyone involved in bidding. " (posted on LinkedIn)

Jon Williams, CPP APMP Fellow, Managing Director of Strategic Proposals

“Want to win? With Swiss precision, this reference guide gives you the tools you need. More handy than a Swiss Army Knife, this book belongs in the toolkit of every proposal ninja.”

Sandy Pullinger, CPP APMP Fellow, Managing Director nFold, South Africa, former chair APMP South Africa

"This book covers everything you need to know. Not only to improve your own skills but also to build up a complete Bid Centre."

G.E., Proposal Manager, Guildford, U.K.

"Die notwendigen Prozesse um ein qualifiziertes Angebot zu erstellen (Angebotsmanagement / Bid & Proposal Management) werden sehr strukturiert in einer einfachen Form dargelegt. Das Gute an diesem Compendium, der Einsteiger kann es genauso gut verwenden wie Fortgeschrittene. Keine Angst vor der Größe des Buchs, mir gefällt besonders gut der praktische Ansatz mit leicht verständlichen Skizzen und Tabellen. Auch sehr hilfreich ist die Glossary, Beispiel-Dokumente, usw. Ferner wird ein Weg aufgezeigt wie eine international anerkannte APMP-Zertifizierung zu erreichen ist die ggf. berufliche Vorteile mit sich bringen kann. Alles in Allem eine Runde Sache und ein Invest der sich lohnt."

Book Review from FreeForAd on Amazon.de (5 Stars)

"Great whether new to the proposal world or an experienced proposal professional"

Book Review from MarciaS on Amazon.co.uk (5 Stars)

"I’ve been working in the presales area in my company from the beginning of 2012, and earlier supported the presales activities as project manager for 5-6 years. Historically, in our company, proposal management was never seen as a valuable profession like software engineer, project manager or sales director. For years, I was under the impression that this job is a sort of corporate clerk position, which is a part of the internal corporate playground and has no real value in the outside market. The Compendium and the entire exam preparation process radically changed my understanding of the proposal management as a profession. I realized that this is a common cross-industry profession, just like project management (I am a certified PMP since 2006). And it prompted me to elevate the job perception not only for myself but for our entire team of more than 20 proposal managers."

Alex G., Pre-Sales Lead, Israel

“Chris Kalin has created a masterpiece compendium which comprehensively addresses the complex concept of proposal management."

Bruce Morton, APMP Fellow and Capture Management Director

"The compendium contains really hands-on practical advice and best practice rules for every single aspect of proposal management."

Urs Halene, CF APMP, Head of Solution Business & Bid Management, Swisscom, Switzerland

“This guide is a great reference for candidates undertaking the APMP Foundation exam.”

Joanne Gillen, CPP APMP Fellow, Managing Director, eTenders Consulting, Founder and former chair of APMP Ireland

“When I read a notification on LinkedIn on this book I thought: Again, another proposal guide... And when I saw the price: that price is above average what I usually pay for professional literature. But I had a look in the preview and I know CSK is a trusted company. So I decided to buy it, and it was worth it. What I value most is “The Storyline Method™”. This method helps you to develop the key messages throughout your proposal to tell the customer why to buy from you. The book is very complete and gives not only guidance on proposal writing. It covers the whole process from pre-RFP to post proposal submittal, as well as the organizational aspects of proposal management. That makes it also a big book: more than 450 pages in a large (A4 size) format. Appendices include sample documents, checklists and references to tools, literature and organisations such as APMP. I recommend this book as it is a true reference guide and ultimate compendium for anyone involved in bids / proposals!”

Jan Kees SCHAKEL, CPP APMP, Proposal Coach, Thales Alenia Space, France

“The Compendium is definitely the most comprehensive guide for those involved in bids and tenders. Although it is a quite weighty volume, also with a rather hefty price tag, it is worth every cent. It is packed with insightful, always very practical advice. It covers all aspects of modern bid management, including organizational aspects and concrete instructions on how to develop winning bids. Highly recommended book.”“The Compendium is definitely the most comprehensive guide for those involved in bids and tenders. Although it is a quite weighty volume, also with a rather hefty price tag, it is worth every cent. It is packed with insightful, always very practical advice. It covers all aspects of modern bid management, including organizational aspects and concrete instructions on how to develop winning bids. Highly recommended book.”

Nicolai Ehrenreich, Switzerland (review on amazon.de)

“A lot of useful content, and a great resource for our business”

Luke Mills, Tenders and Partnerships Manager, VERTO Ltd., Australia

“[...] This Compendium is really an amazing and professional reference that was issued right on time for my extended job. You sense the years of experience of the author. Many practical and best practices, very well structured and organized. This is an invaluable book I refer often to in my daily business. I used it also to be prepared for my APMP certification."

Dominique Delcoigne, Head of Platform Solutions Bids & Proposals, Synamedia, Belgium, on Amazon.com (5 Stars)

The Ultimate Bid and Proposal Compendium - the reference guide to winning bids, tenders and proposals.

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